R & D Manager (salary negotiable)

Job requirements:

1、Work out annual R & D and process plans, determine technical direction and development tasks;

2、More than 7 years of well-known enterprises engaged in MLCC, resistors, inductors, electronic paste, and other product research and development experience.

3、Establish and review new product and process plan, and follow up product development;

4、Development and review of new material and new process R & D program;

5、Sample planning, design, summary report, audit;

6、Assist in handling major quality issues and provide technical support;

7、Daily management coordination of department;

Research and development of Electronic Technology (salary negotiable)

Job requirements:

1、University degree in electronics, electrical engineering or related field;

2、Be familiar with the design and development process of electronic products, and be proficient in the application of analog and digital electronic circuits;

3、Familiar with circuit design and debugging methods, familiar with manufacturing process and processing technology;

5、Proficiency in office software and related technical data;

6、Good reading ability in english;

7、Good at learning, logical analysis, strong sense of responsibility and team work spirit.

Sales Director (salary negotiable)

Job requirements:

1、More than four years related working experience (preferably in electronic component company);

2、Be methodical, conscientious, and responsible;

3、Able to operate computers skillfully;

4、Good communication and coordination skills and team work spirit;

5、Strong ability of thinking and good communication.

6、Able to develop large accounts independently.