fringe benefits

Fringe benefits:

1: salary: basic salary + performance bonus + full attendence award + year-end bonus, offers a competitive salary, and according to the ability of employees to provide a competitive salary promotion space and opportunity;

2: work environment, geographic location, and the subway station near the bus station;

3: the training system has professional training lecturer, provide the corresponding post, professional and other training and education opportunities;

4: the team mainly young people, the work atmosphere is light and simple, the company will organize a monthly group activities or take meals;

5: enjoy all kinds of paid holidays stipulated by the state: such as new year's day, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, national day, Spring Festival and so on;

6: festival care (physical / monetary); other recreational activities (tourism, birthday party, etc.);

7: entertainment activities are held irregularly, prizes are abundant.