Talent plan

Taiwan technology company dedicated information on the recruitment website, is to recruit like-minded colleagues to become a member of us. At home we have two ways: personnel plan, campus recruitment, talent introduction. After more than and 10 years of development and innovation of science and technology, Taiwan company has become known to every family electronic components and parts enterprises.

1:PM management talent program

1.1: flagship plan and production schedule,

1.2: material planning, tracking, receiving, storage, use, etc.

1.3: supervision and management of various aspects and prevention and treatment of stagnant material.

1.4:PMC manager coordinates the work of two aspects: production plan and production schedule management

1.5:MC (material planning, tracking, sending and receiving, storage, use and other aspects of supervision and management, as well as waste prevention and processing work).

2: purchasing management talent program

2.1: directly responsible for the leadership, the company responsible for the overall purchase of the procurement department, to ensure the smooth completion of tasks.

2.2: review annual purchasing plan, purchase project, review the quantity of materials supplied by various departments, control reasonably and reduce wastage.

2.3: fully presided over the bulk commodity ordering business negotiations, urging the warehouse supervisor to check and check the quality of the stock and ensure the normal supply of materials and storage.

2.4: education staff in the work should abide by the law, the work of serious and responsible, and not favoritism. According to the company's plans to complete all kinds of material procurement and safekeeping tasks as much as possible within the budget to achieve energy savings.

2.5: supervise the purchasing team and warehouse team leader, strengthen the quality training of subordinates, and continuously improve their professional level and work ability.

2.6: is responsible for the implementation of the staff system in our department.

2.7: is responsible for the training of professional knowledge for the staff of this department.

2.8: strictly supervise the staff and reward or punish the company according to the performance of the employees.

2.9: strictly internal management, grasp the implementation of various rules and regulations, the use of office equipment and management of the department.

2.10: is responsible for working out the work plan and monitoring the implementation and completion of the work plan.

3: warehouse management talent program

3.1: regular product receiving

3.3.1: according to the supplier arrival notice, after the arrival of the goods, the receiving personnel according to the driver's packing list of inventory receipt.

3.3.2: the receiving personnel shall, after receiving the goods according to the documents, separate the goods in different state and store them separately, and return or change the receipt and receipt of the goods, and record the name, quantity and status of the goods.

3.3.3: is entered into the ledger on the basis of the document.

3.2: regular product delivery

3.2.1: all outbound documents must be authorized by the company (authorized signature, chop) as the basis for shipment.

3.2.2: receives the delivery notice from the company, the warehouse will review the documents (check the correctness of the documents and have sufficient stock), and after the audit, inform the transportation department to arrange the vehicles.

3.2.3: warehouse strictly according to the invoice delivery, if found on the invoice or the quantity of goods has any difference, must notify the supervisor in time, and clearly stated in the invoice on the problem, in order to solve in time.

3.2.4: warehouse check the quantity of the goods according to the delivery order, check the delivery vehicle according to the dispatch list, and check the condition of the carrying vehicle before loading the goods.

3.2.5: warehouse will turn out every single goods according to the order of car, and the driver to check the goods number, quantity, etc..

3.2.6:, the driver should indicate the number and name in the warehouse, and warehouse, driver'ssign.

3.3: inventory management

3.3.1: store the goods storage products need to hang the inventory card into place, stacking layers of products can not exceed the limit for the goods. all the goods can not be placed directly on the ground, must be in accordance with the standard goods neatly placed in wooden pallets. The goods must be kept clean and the goods stored for a long time should be cleaned regularly. No goods, such as waste paper, waste bags and adhesive tape, shall be placed on the goods. broken and defective goods are placed in the shelving area separately, and keep clean condition, accurate record.

3.3.2: stocktaking process all goods must be sold once every six months. For type a goods, you must make a monthly shipment. B class three months, once, C class six months. take stock of goods out of the warehouse every day, and take stock of parts of the goods in order to ensure the accuracy of the quantity. blind disk: for each physical count, the receiving clerk prints the count list, excluding the quantity of the product and hand it over to the inventory clerk. At least two stocktaking personnel shall take stock, fill out the blank count in the blank space, and then sign the quantity by the two together. The inventory lists should be handed over to the staff report, the report will enter the number of inventory inventory list, the number of matching, such as a number of differences, the need to re print differences for the two time, two time inventory, inventory difference archive. If there is any difference, it is necessary to check. If the goods are found to be in error, it is necessary to contact the customer in time, and whether the losses can be recovered or the losses can not be recovered, and shall be handled in accordance with the accident handling procedures.

4: human resources talent program

4.1, Recruitment Supervisor: responsible for the recruitment of the company, to ensure that the employment needs of enterprises

4.2, performance Supervisor: responsible for the company's performance appraisal work, performance appraisal work to undertake organizational and coordination responsibilities

4.3 directors: responsible for the company's salary and welfare work, the establishment, the company's remuneration policy adjustment in the reasonable scope, and the issuance of work, and ensure employee welfare, social insurance is mainly coordination

4.4, employee relations supervisor: responsible for the company's labor relations management, and effectively deal with labor disputes between enterprises and employees

5: financial management talent program

5.1: drafting the company's annual business plan; organizing the preparation of the company's annual financial budget; implementation, supervision, inspection, summary of the implementation of the operating plan and budget; make adjustments and suggestions.

5.2: the implementation of the country's financial accounting policies, tax policies and regulations; the formulation and implementation of corporate accounting policies, tax policies and management policies.

5.3: integration of the company's business system resources, to play the comprehensive advantages of the company, to achieve the overall interests of the company to maximize.

5.4: company's accounting, accounting supervision work; company accounting, records management and contracts (agreements), securities, pledge (quality), mortgage, legal documents custody.

5.5: prepare the financial analysis report of the company's operation and management.

5.6: is responsible for the company's equity management, the implementation of a wholly-owned subsidiary, holding company, the largest shareholder of the company, shares of the company's daily management, financial supervision and dividend collection work.

5.7: organize the implementation of the economic responsibility system, issue the accounting and assessment indicators, organize business assessment and evaluation.

5.8 comprehensive analysis and analysis of the company's debt and cash flow and business.

5.9: studies the financing risk and capital structure of the company, calculates the financing cost, puts forward the financing plan and scheme, and prevents the financing risk.

5.10: is responsible for inventory and low value consumable inventory check. In conjunction with the company's general department, technical department, purchasing department, warehouse and other relevant departments to do inventory checks, and put forward day-to-day procurement, access and storage, and other work proposals and requirements.

Other work authorized or assigned by general manager of 5.11: company.

6: marketing department talent program

6.1: product marketing department: responsible for the company's new product development strategy, that is, in the next few years, we will provide the market with valuable new products, its focus is to find the source of innovation and complete the definition of new products.

6.2: market development department: responsible for the positioning of existing products and marketing strategy, including product positioning and pricing strategies to market specific information, our products and competitors where its value is reflected in the "home", it is the product market, because a lot of material and information from the marketing department.

6.3: market propaganda department: responsible for specific activities, old and new products such as advertising, promotional activities, product introduction, role is to stimulate market demand, market and effective communication, work focus on the propaganda means and methods.

6.4: sales support department: provide support to sales team, agents, retailers. Including product training, competition analysis, sales skills, sales tools, etc.