18 years, after several storms

Shenzhen Taitech by a delicate child grow into a youth. How many people work, people's education, people's struggle for the achievements of the Shenzhen Taitech today. Today's Shenzhen Taitech should keep in mind that is tens of thousands of customers trust let us step by step to come, Shenzhen is Taitech entrepreneurs with the sweat, the achievements of this road to success。

Professional focus, integrity, treat people, the pursuit of excellence, high efficiency and high quality

": professional focus on " is our strategy and guide to action. ": honesty treats people " emphasizes mutual trust and honesty. ": the pursuit of excellence in " means that everyone works hard to achieve success under the common ideal passion of the company. " high efficiency and high quality " high quality is our most urgent request for the whole life, and efficiency should be paid more attention to。

Long way to go ahead, I will seek

Shenzhen Taitech has a long way to go, and this road will not be smooth. Shenzhen Taitech will continue to search down along the road of success, no matter how many hardships and dangers, regardless of how many mountain gully. Shenzhen Taiwan will achieve their ideal -- to become the world's leading suppliers of electronic information products based on Integration