• 1999-2005
  • 2006-2010
  • 2011-2015
  • 2016-2020
  • 2021-2025

May 1999:Guangdong Shenzhen city Taitech Technology Co. Ltd. was founded

November 2001:Shenzhen City, Taitaitech technology electronic components factory was formally established and operation

June 2002: Shenzhen Baoan District factory officially began to produce ceramic capacitors

July 2004:Taitaitech technology company formally established business department of Shenzhen City Silicon Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

August 2006:Taitech technology company set up special electronic components research department of independent, continuous research and development of new technology

April 2007:The importance of alloy resistance research has been broken through, and the core technology of alloy resistance has been mastered

April 2008:In Shenzhen, Baoan District, the factory began to produce ceramic capacitors

February 2010:In Hongkong set up a logistics center, Hongkong Boshang Mission Electronics International Ltd

June 2011:A large number of production and the establishment of the inductor, inductance group, Shenzhen City, Taitech Technology Co. Ltd.

July 2011:Breakthroughs have been made in semiconductor research

April 2012:Semiconductor technology is more perfect, and trial production

April 2013:Semiconductor full production, and the establishment of the semiconductor business group, Shenzhen Office of Boshang semiconductor division

April 2014:The company began to enter the online platform, the establishment of the Ministry of Commerce, Shenzhen billion supply chain Co., Ltd.

August 2016: Company profits reached 30 points, the collection rate reached 99%